Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Love with a promise of permanence.

"...if any hear MY voice and open the door, 
I will come into their house and eat with them, 
and they will eat with ME." 
~ Jesus 
[Revelation 3:20]

When we open our hearts to Jesus and choose to be in a relationship with Him, it does not mean we are getting ourselves into a system which will require our hard work, nor will we be graded for our performance. We are not expected to blindly obey rules and keep a running tally of our deeds--that if we fail, HE will not anymore want us. The verse above does NOT say, "Jesus will come to our homes, pound on the door and demand we let Him in, and once inside, start demanding we do this and that...OR else....." Jesus comes to us in friendship. He offers UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The love He offers is not the same as what the world offers ― a love of convenience ...loving only IF it serves "me".

What Jesus offers is simply to get to know Him deeper and be in a relationship with Him. When we begin to learn about Him and His ways...when we understand His cause and when we experience the LOVE He has for us it will enable us to become like Him and will make us desire what He desires for us as we continue abiding in Him. Our very experience with Him is what will transform us to become better versions of ourselves. It is as simple and as complicated (for a human mind to fathom) like that.

So if what hinders you from receiving God's invitation of relationship with Him is FEAR, know that He requires nothing from you except the whole of you. Come to Him as you are. You do not need to change yourself to be qualified. God clearly says in His Word...

"I will put a new spirit in you to change your way of thinking. I will take out the heart of stone from your body and give you a tender, human heart. I will put my Spirit inside you and change you so that you will obey My laws. You will carefully obey My commands." [Ezekiel 36:26]

Notice it is all "His work". He did not say, "You should do this and that and then we will be ok." He clearly said, "I will change you and you will be changed." All we need is to receive the invitation and trust that God already qualified us through His Son, Jesus. Nothing to fear, we only need to TRUST His Word.  ^_^  And then, the commandment to love Him and His people will eventually become automatic to us.

Most of us are tired of loving because it seems we always have to keep giving...keep putting our best foot forward or we lose those we love. That when our human tendency fails to satisfy their needs, it's over. But, here is a LOVE which has a promise of permanence. Receive this unconditional LOVE, today. ^_^ 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

One Way to Take My Mind Off My Spinning Worries

For the past weeks (maybe months), I've not been the hyper, fun self that I am. Been feeling low and down. Having a hard time to stay focused and motivated. To make matters worse, I've also been unwell on and off. Which drove me to research about anxiety and stress. I stumbled upon this site, Calm Clinic, which also provided a short test to asses one's stress / anxiety level. My first take gave this result...

Take the 7-minute test and check your anxiety level.

Am not a fanatic of tests that I right away just believe the results I get, but with the symptoms I have, I acknowledge that I've been stressed and burned out lately. 

Was even tempted to blame it all on water. Could be my excuse not to continue with the therapy. :P  But, though it's been making me feel so bloated, I need to acknowledge the benefits I've seen evident since I started regularly hydrating. So...ok, no more excuses. I'll just keep up with it.

My next take after a few days showed this result...

Whenever my head terribly feels like cracking into pieces, my eyes feel like popping out, my shoulders and back feel heavy and stiff, and my stomach like going to burst open, I knew I need to help myself not to feel sorry for being unwell and unproductive. This condition only heightens my stress level. So, instead of just resolving to my hobby (sulking), I watch entertaining and funny videos posted by random people. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say.

And I found one extremely amusing video shared by someone on Facebook, which I don't grow tired watching. Seriously made me laugh out loud! Viewed it many times. Somehow, makes me feel better.

For the sake of those who have not yet seen (which is next to impossible), here I posted the video...

Made me wonder what makes cats leap so high upon seeing a cucumber. I showed the video to friends last weekend and all us wondered together. One friend thought of trying it out with his pet cats and the rest of us consented. Even asked him to take a video of his experiment. 

Today, I thought of Googling why cats react that way seeing a cucumber. There's a long list of threads and on top of the list comes from the National Geographic website. So, that's what I opened. Here's some of the facts I learned...

...the cucumbers are triggering the cats' natural startle responses since they don't normally see cucumbers on the floor.'s also possible that they may associate the green invader with snakes...
...with a startle response, a cat will often try to get out of there as quickly as possible and then reasses from a distance... 
Read full article HERE.

Hmmm...I feel no guilt whatsoever. And it won't stop me from watching the video. But, definitely, I won't stress any pet animals (esp my dog Keero) that way. Still, it makes me curious if our local cats would have the same reaction as many stray cats are exposed to various objects. *grins*