Friday, July 10, 2015

Let's all stand firmly together against the many faces of hate.

Been reading various opinions from both sides ―Christians and the LGBTs― since the controversial "ruling" was announced. (Just "since the final decision was announced" because...yeah...I have to confess that I am not well informed of the current events. If dad were still here, I sure will get another verbal whack! But, thanks to social networking sites, I get to be informed even delayed.) And for the past weeks since the pronouncement, there are non-stop counterarguments regarding the issue. In as much as I wanna just remain silent about it (as if my opinion matter!) I can't just keep my mouth shut anymore. (Well, can't stop my fingers from typing, actually.) There's a part of me that wants to just say something...anything.

I am a Christian. I have certain convictions and beliefs that are strictly Biblical. So, whoever you are reading this, expect that I will speak what the Word says. Only, that's not my intention for writing this blog post. I am not going to join the bandwagon of Christians who are out to defend God's law because I am confidently sure that God, Himself, can do that. If He will ever use me (or anyone) to send an important message to the group involved, He has a much better way in mind, for sure, than just make me write another "open letter" for whoever to address the issue.  

I thought to write this because I want to be involved. Not to be involved in the heated discussions and disputations. Not to prove that I have something to say and that I have a point. But, I guess as part of the human race, I need to contribute something...even the littlest thing I can―my voice. And, with this I hope to help tone down, if not end, the growing friction between the two parties I mentioned.

It's sad that Christians are being blamed for the harsh reactions of the LGBTs. The latter resents how judgmental Christians are. So they go give some tongue-lashing. They say that Christians are hypocrites and hypercritical. Some even went as far as questioning the "God" Christians serve. I personally listened to some people saying the LGBTs won't bother Christians if only the latter would stop judging them...that it's the Christians' fault. They're so busy-bodies. They should just "live and let live". They're the ones who started the feud. 

What I have to say about that is this: we all have some things we fight for. Some fight for animal rights. Some women's rights. Others nature. Some others justice. WE all fight for something we feel or think is right or fair. But, it's not necessarily, as a rule, right or fair. Say for example, "human rights" for criminals. Those criminals didn't even respect the human rights of the persons they violated, but then "human rights" apply to them. Criminals and their families fight for their human rights (the right not to be subjected to torture or inhuman and degrading treatment―though they've done exactly that!). The victims' families fight for justice. Whose fight must win? Same goes with what the LGBTs and the Christians are separately fighting for...the question is, "whose right is right?"

When we talk about Christians fighting to uphold the law of God, must we say that they are judgmental? Is it right that they be accused of not loving, which is the commandment of Jesus? They quote the Bible, which contains God's law and decree. Is that wrong? The Bible has been written to maintain order. It is Law in Itself. That's why the Ten Commandments are taught so that we won't harm each other. One definition of the word LAW in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority. And before everything else in this world has been created, God has already determined His law and decrees. He is the Authority of all authorities. I do not need to stress enough what His Law says about what the LGBTs are fighting for. It is clearly stated in the book of Revelations and in many other books in the Bible. Naturally, as advocates of God's Law, Christians will speak of what the Law says. Christians act as Law enforcers or policemen.  What does a law enforcer or a policeman do? They have the duty of maintaining law and order. In their (Christians) case, they are maintaining the Law of God to keep everything IN "order".  Must they be charged for doing what they're supposed to be doing? They are fighting NOT for what they want, or feel, or think. They are fighting for what has long been established―God's Law and Decrees. 

.....While the LGBTs fight for what they want and feel regardless of whether it is acceptable in the Eyes of God...whether or not it is within the Law of God. They disregard the Law and make their own ...just to justify what they feel like doing. To follow what their heart dictates. To satisfy the cravings of their flesh. And then, throw arguments like, "why would a loving god prevent people from loving whoever they have in their hearts to love?" Aren't we all so accustomed to witnessing how even an insignificant traffic rule is being violated for whatever justification comes to mind? Thinking they can always get away with it? Simple things like, "don't litter" we choose not to follow. And then when fined, would still have the guts to protest.

"God created humanity in His image, created them MALE and FEMALE." [Genesis 1:27] Why do we go and create for ourselves another gender? Isn't it disobedience to God's rule that kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden? Eating the fruit of that particular tree God told them to not have anything to do with isn't the sin they committed against God. It is disobedience. It is their resistance to obey His set rule. These Christians only act as police officers maintaining/enforcing God's Law. They're not perfect. They also commit certain violations just like policemen, judges, politicians do. But, they still ought to do their duty as God's servants, nevertheless. Truth of the matter is, plain and simple, what the LGBTs are fighting for is against the original design of God.

Because people did those things, God left them and let them do the shameful things they wanted to do. Women stopped having natural sex with men and started having sex with other women. In the same way, men stopped having natural sex with women and began wanting each other all the time. Men did shameful things with other men, and in their bodies they received the punishment for those wrongs. [Romans 1:26–27]

If artists are protesting that their designs are being copied, therefore, their lawful right to their masterpieces is violated, how much more the Creator of all things has the right to also make a stand? Point is: Christians are only doing their tasks to help maintain God's Law by quoting Biblical passages. They are NOT judging.

Note: I do apologize on behalf of those who assertively foisted Biblical Truths on LGBTs in a condemning manner.  And yeah, if even this post come out offensive, I apologize. 


And to Christians who boldly write, comment and/or speak about their faith and belief and the Word Itself...please, realize that it does not help as much. It only adds fuel to the fire. Yes, your intentions are right and noble. Your courage is very impressive. It's commendable how you fight to uphold God's Law. But, aggressively doing things only aggravate the situation. We are to win them, not to repel them. Let's not give them reasons to keep calling us judgmental and hypocrites. Yes, we do speak the Truth but let's handle the Truth properly. We've been given each one of us our own jurisdictions where our influences have power. Let's concentrate there―where people can truly hear us and listen carefully. Understand that the Word already made it clear that it is God, Himself, Who will draw people to Him. (John 6:44) ‘Anyone the Father does not help to come to Me cannot come.’ ~ Jesus [John 6:65] We can trust that God is not threatened by human disobedience or their resistance to submit under His authority. He is God and He can definitely do something about the matter.

It is God's heart and intention that everyone will be saved. But, let us recognize that there are people who don't realize they need salvation. Because they do not know the requirements of God. They do not know the Law of God so they are under self-rule. Some don't even know that God exists. And, unless we tame our tongues from blurting out Bible verses that don't teach them what they need to learn first...the basic things―that there is God and that He is the Authority, not them, over their lives and that He has set rules for everyone to follow―they won't understand what Revelations say and it'll only appear to them as our judgment against them.

God wants to make His Law known to everyone and it is through Christ. And it is our Christian duty to deliver the message of the Cross; not to enumerate the sins people do and must stop doing. If all we do is force them to obey the Law and they don't even know that there's such a Law and that there's a Higher Authority up there they need to consider, we'll be so focused enforcing the Law―rules and regulations―not anymore exercising mercy and grace. We end up neglecting to do what Jesus and the Apostles did―they spread the Good News of Salvation. They did not quote the Laws of God that people must follow. They did not make the people change their ways (or make them obey the commandments of God) first before sharing them the Gospel of Christ. What they did was they introduced Christ's salvation first, then it's that same salvation that changed the people.

Jesus' instruction is loud and clear, LOVE. We don't need to be so offended that God's Law is being violated because we still get to violate some of His commandments even we're already in a relationship with Him. Even if we already know His standards and requirements. We need to stop making it harder for them to be saved. "If it is hard for even a good person to be saved, what will happen to the one who is against God and full of sin?" [1 Peter 4:8]  So, in stead of harshly reproaching them, we ought to be extra compassionate to them. Understand that what they need is to know that they are in need of God, and that God wants to restore His relationship with mankind, and help them obey His Law. Not to make them follow His Law first before they can be right with Him. It's much easier to comply to a rule when it is based on a relationship in stead of duty. Those who throw litters in front of the building of the company they're working at have no love and care for the building, which is the main reason why it is hard for them to obey the sign: "DO NOT LITTER". Our main task as Christians is to lead them to Christ in order for them to have a relationship with God; and, eventually learn to love Him, which then, will be the very reason why they obey. Nobody can change themselves apart from God's grace.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disobedience and Rule Breaking: The New Trend?

Just what are we actually implying whenever we refuse to obey the law of God, our Creator? Here's what...We're practically saying that God's Law is NOT good and that it does not apply to us. So we deny and defy it. Our behavior, choices, and decisions prove that we are bound by no law...that our individual judgment is better than God's judgment. We live under our own authorities because we do not acknowledge His Authority. We show Him that we are outside His rule and government. We are our own kings. We tell Him to His Face that we have all the right to do what "we want" to do and not what HE commands us to do. Firmly refusing to surrender to His will and turning ourselves into our own little gods...we strongly imply, "not Your will, GOD, but my will be done!"

God gave us His Law for our own good. We can't be our own judges as to what is right and what is wrong based on our own feelings and judgments. There must only be one absolute authority. One standard Law―God's. Otherwise, left to our own, we all would set our own individual rules to follow out of selfish gains and motives. Each one has their own. All according to our mood for the moment, which later on, will change. And rarely are we considerate of others' welfare before our own.

For why are there crimes? Why do people violate another's rights? Why do people steal, kill, slander? Because they do not comply to set rules. Not even rules set by the smallest unit of society―family. They disobey their parents just to satisfy their desires and to do what they want. They won't even follow the rules in small establishments. They litter everywhere, sneak out some small items they can insert in their bags. They think they can defy the law any way they want as they feel like doing. They see only what for them is good (for them... what is convenient...) but not entirely for the common good. They do as they please until their very own right is violated.

One person may see nothing wrong when he gossips, yet when it is he who becomes the object of gossip will find it foul. Another person may think it is just okay to vandalize his neighbor's fence, justifying that it's art. But, when it is His belonging that's defaced, would not hesitate to immediately file a complaint. Some others would outrightly criticize his fellow to a point of humiliation, then when the same is done to him would protest he was abused or harassed. People judge a thing based on what benefit he will get out of his own self-imposed rule, but it is not necessarily acceptable to another person.

God's Law gives us an "established" set of rules and regulations to observe, which does not protect one's cause and violates another's. It serves the common good and welfare of all. It is just and trustworthy.  ^_^